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Morocco, the gateway to Africa, is a country of stunning diversity. There are rugged mountain ranges, undulating deserts, old civilisations, desolate beaches, and kind people. Morocco’s towns are some of the most intriguing on the African continent. Its epic landscapes cover this chunk of North Africa like the gorgeously patterned carpets you’ll yearn for in the marketplaces. contrast

Marrakech’s magical local life rocks the kasbahs, and following in the footsteps of old traders in Fez with Casablanca, which combines a more modern perspective with its legacy, Opportunities to escape the cities abound, with the vast Saharan desert enticing travellers and Atlantic coastal resorts providing the ideal setting for kitesurfing lovers.

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Here are the top 5 places to visit in Morocco

Photo: Collected


Top 5 places to visit in Morocco

Photo: Collected


Marrakech, formerly one of the country’s royal capitals, is commonly referred to as the “Red City” because of its sandstone architecture. Marrakech was recognised as a “hippie mecca” in the 1960s, drawing superstars such as The Beatles, Yves Saint Laurent, and…

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