The Most Sought-After Destinations Among Mexican Travelers

Staff, 2022-12-19 18:01:30,

Mexican travelers during this post-pandemic year traveled to national beaches such as Huatulco and international destinations such as Bogota. Mexican tourists increased their interest in a slew of places, but a dozen in particular, based on new research.

According to travelers’ searches and reservations through Despegar, beaches dominated.


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Here are the six domestic destinations and the increase in reservations generated by Mexicans:

—Huatulco with 45 percent more reservations

—Puerto Vallarta, 44 percent

—Mexico City, 22 percent

—Acapulco, 20 percent

—Playa del Carmen, 20 percent

—Mazatlan, 20 percent

Mexican travelers also increased their interest in traveling to international destinations. The six international destinations receiving the most interest were:

—Bogota is up 100 percent

—Paris, 100 percent

—Madrid, 100 percent

—Orlando, 29 percent

—Las Vegas 23 percent

—New York, 15 percent

Alejandro Calligaris, country manager of Despegar Mexico, said that in December, they detected a 15 percent growth in travel searches to international destinations compared to other low-season months. “So we see that international tourism is regaining strength, with a growth in bookings of over 100 percent in destinations such as Bogota, Paris, and Madrid. And increasingly catching up with the recovery of domestic travel,”…

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